Festival Rules

Festival Rules

1: Entries:

  • Entries must be received by Tuesday 6 February 2024
  • Details of own choice items must be shown on the entry form and may not be changed after the closing date.

Entries cannot be accepted unless both title and composer/author are submitted with each entry.

  • A performer may not perform more than once in the same class (except in ensembles) unless he/she changes the instrument used.
  • In duet/trio/quartet classes, named competitors may not be changed after closing date.
  • A performer may not submit the same item in more than one class.

2: Age Groups:

  • Ages are to be reckoned as on the day of the Festival and performers may only enter within the age range stated for the class.

3: Code of Fair Practice:

  • An amateur is someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance, defined by the class title, in which he/she seeks to enter the Festival. In an ensemble, all members must adhere to that principle.

4: Accompanists:

  • String Own Choice and Any Instrument Classes 81 - 88. Please provide your own accompanist.
  • Vocal and String Grade Classes 31 - 38 A professional accompanist is available for which there is no charge. Copies of the vocal music for the accompanist must be sent to: Mrs Lucy Akehurst, 3 Bournbrook Road, Birmingham B29 7BL to arrive no later than 11th April 2022. Failure to comply will affect the accompanist's performance. Copies should be marked with performer's name and class number.

5: Timetable / Programme:

  • Performers MUST make themselves acquainted with the times of their classes via the official programme or on the website. If requested, and paid for on the entry form, a programme will be forwarded direct 2 or 3 weeks before the Festival.
  • Alternatively programmes may be obtained from any member of the committee.

6: Requirements for Own Choice Classes:

  • Performers must ensure that their chosen piece keeps within the specified time limit. Failure to observe time limits WILL affect the grade and it will not be possible to win the class. Adjudicators have the right to stop a performance that has gone overtime
  • A copy of the music or speech entry chosen must be handed to the Adjudicator's steward before performing with competitor's name and class number clearly marked.

Failure to comply with this rule will mean that the competitor will be adjudicated but will be disqualified from gaining an award.

  • Note: Please make sure that all music is collected at the end of the class. Any unclaimed copies will be disposed of.

7: Copyright Compliance:

  • Unauthorised copying of music and the spoken word is an infringement of copyright.
  • It is forbidden that photocopied music is used by the accompanist on the day of the Festival.
  • If the music is out of print, permission to copy must be obtained in writing from the publishers and a copy forwarded with the music.
  • The 'Music Publishers' Association has a Code of Practice allowing the concession that 'Own Choice' pieces may be copied from volumes only and for the use of the adjudicator only. Copies to be marked 'Adjudicator Copy. Destroy after use.'
  • If the music is out of print, permission to copy must be obtained in writing from the publishers and a copy of the letter forwarded with the music.

8: Recording Equipment:

  • The use of photography, audio or video recording equipment is prohibited.

9: Class Commencement:

  • A class will not commence earlier than the time stated in the programme unless all competitors are present and in agreement.

10: Marking System:

  • The Festival uses a Category Marking System recommended by the British Federation.
  • Performers receive an adjudicator's comment sheet which will be available in the office after the end of each class.

11: Certificates:

  • Certificates are awarded to all performers.

12: Shields:

  • Shields are only awarded in the 11 years and under classes and the Grade 1 classes. The winner must gain an O, D, or C category to qualify.

13: Cups and Prizes:

  • Cups and Prizes are awarded in selected classes, provided the competitor has gained the O, D or C category. Cups are held for one year only, prizes are kept. They will be presented in the Competition Rooms after the adjudication. They will not be posted.

14: Adjudication:

  • The decision of the Adjudicator is final and the committee reserves the right to decide any matter not provided for in the rules.